Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For over a year I've seen posts by friends who have participated in the Mom's Toolbox Bible in 90 Days program.  As a homeschooling mom of 6, 2 of which were still in diapers at that time, I didn't think I had the time for such a momentous project.  It would have been a challenge, but looking back, it would have been a possibility.  I decided to jump in now that I see that they are offering a chronological plan.  I've used chronological plans to read through the Bible before, and it really appeals to my sense of order to read in the order that things occurred.

I'm also going to try to utilize the SOAP program. I will try to post on the days that the reading are to occur by the schedule, however since I started reading this morning, I'll put the day of actual reading at the bottom of the post.

Feel free to download your own schedule (oops...they are making changes!) and read at your own pace, even if it isn't within the 90 days.  The important thing is to spend time in His Word every day.

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